Gov’ts Role

There are a lot of government officials who are backing the spending to build new tanks and to give Americans new jobs. They know the government has a lot of money from all the tax the people pay so why not spend it for something that is useful? There are a lot of Americans who would love to be employed as they are just sitting at home and waiting for the right opportunity. There are so many officers in the Army too so it is not really the decision of one person. They are always contemplating but they can order right away if they see that they have an enemy that needs a lot of tanks for. Right now, there is really no need for that as there is no world war.


That is not saying like they are waiting for something to happen but there have been some very bad people that were put to rest by those formidable tanks. They were impressive but lets not forget that they were made by some very good people too. Those same people won’t go home until they do a very good job of building the tanks. You can be sure they are not taking the news of no tanks very lightly. They are going to push for the army to order more but they know one person can’t finish a tank. In fact, 10 people can’t either as it takes teamwork for tanks to get built and a few days before they are ready to be used. This could be another attempt to sway the voter’s decisions on who will become the next president of the country as we are just a few months away from the next election. Let us all hope the Americans will vote wisely because they can only regret in the end if they elect the wrong leader.

Friday, May 13th, 2016 Problems


September 2023

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