No Tanks

The Army and Congress duel over no tanks

The Army is apparently done ordering M1 Abrams battle tanks but the Congress appears to be ready to spend millions to manufacture more even if they are made in only one place which is Lima, Ohio. It is only a matter of time before these tanks are upgraded but they are not going to come cheap as it is expected to be about $6 million each tank. It is definitely not a cheap type of labor to say the least but it is going to be worth it as it will have the necessary tools to destroy the enemy. Unfortunately, that is not really what the country wants right now as they should be rooting for world peace. It is not really healthy for the world to be at war but if that does not happen then the soldiers would not be doing anything. There is no stopping bad people from doing bad things as we can only wish they would just turn over a new leaf.


Before that happens, innocent people will die and soldiers will have to say goodbye to their loved ones. No matter how much they get trained, you are going to be sure there will be casualties. Everyone will give it their all during a war since both sides know only one side can prevail. The tank can only be made at Lima, Ohio and because the army won’t order much of it then they had no choice but let go of some workers. This is obviously not good news to those who had to lose their jobs. They have no other alternative but to find other means of living. The Army is now waiting for a new line in 2017 so it is satisfied with no tanks as of the moment. The Congress beg to differ as they don’t want no tanks right now as they also want jobs for Americans who work at the plant in Lima, Ohio. They did not do anything wrong to lose their jobs so it would be unfair for them to lose their jobs like that. It is a shame how it is just up to the Army to order tanks and if they don’t then the Congress would have no choice but to approve a big budget to make new ones. It is just for the people at the plant to have something to do.

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